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Improve the Quality of Care Delivered to Your Patients Everywhere

Community Connect programs can offer many benefits to the organizations that participate and the patients they serve. Extending InstaMed payment integration to connected groups offers additional advantages, including:

  • The ability to offer more payment channels and collect more payments
  • Consumer-friendly payment options, including automated payment plans, online payments and digital wallets
  • Real-time posting and simplified reconciliation within Epic
  • Funds deposited directly into connected groups’ designated bank accounts

Benefits for Host Organizations

Use one merchant processor to ensure consistency across your Community Connect groups.

  • Improve scalability and streamline workflows
  • Set up consistent Epic merchant profiles, onboarding processes, and pricing
  • Deploy a consistent device and support model to better assist in testing and troubleshooting, as well as helping IT field questions for affiliates
  • Work with a dedicated team with expertise and resources to support you and your groups with questions


Improve the Quality of Care You Deliver to Your Patients Everywhere

Learn how J.P. Morgan Healthcare Payments can help you extend InstaMed payment integration to your connected groups.

Benefits for Connected Groups

By leveraging InstaMed payment integration for Community Connect, you can seamlessly collect patient payments in Epic MyChart, Resolute, Welcome and Ambulatory.

  • Deliver an enhanced guarantor/patient payment experience
  • Improve workflow efficiencies and consolidate reporting
  • Maintain highest levels of security with up-to-date compliance, security, and financial regulations
  • Receive dedicated IT support that is Epic-educated from the host organization
  • Increase cost savings and collect payments faster and easier with automated payment plans, online payments and self-service digital wallets

Reduce PCI Scope and Save on Compliance Costs

Secure online payments with the InstaMed External Payment Page Integration

  • Ensure protection of card present data with P2PE
  • Safeguard stored payments with tokenization
  • Keep cardholder data off your networks and reduce PCI compliance costs

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