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Offer convenient payment options that consumers want

Consumer healthcare payment responsibility continues to rise*. Help ease the challenge of collecting by streamlining payment workflows without increasing monthly billing costs. Offer convenient payment options that consumers want in the digital spaces they already use and trust*.

Nearly 50% of America’s households bank with Chase1

Now you can enable these consumers to pay their healthcare bills through using their credit card or bank account.

Healthcare Bill Pay For

Collecting from patients is not easy, and consumer demand for digital payment options is growing.

  • 63% of providers take 30 or more days to collect after a patient encounter*
  • 82% of consumers want to pay all of their healthcare bills in one place*
  • With HealthCare Bill pay:

    Give patients the payment experience they’ve been asking for and help empower them to take control of their healthcare bills.

  • Offer the consistency of online bank bill pay with the added convenience of letting patients pay with their bank account or their credit card through
  • Connect with millions of patients able to pay through their health plan member portal or patient portal2
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    Healthcare Bill Pay For
    Health Plans

    Increases in premiums and outdated processes create friction, impacting retention rates and overall satisfaction.

  • 50% of individual members pay health plan premiums on time**
  • 89% of consumers prefer electronic payment methods for premiums* 
  • With HealthCare Bill pay:

    Prioritize the member experience and leverage expanded channels to help empower members to take control of their premium payments.

  • Offer consistency and convenience by allowing members to pay premiums with the payment methods your organization wants (bank account and credit card available) through
  • Expand your member reach
  • Give members the payment experience they’ve been asking for – the convenience and security of paying premiums where they pay other bills and the ability to set up automatic payments
  • Optimize Your Payments Process and Reduce Collection Costs

    Expand payment channels
    without additional effort or added compliance scope

    Reduce paper and billing costs
    without disrupting your collections workflow

    Receive payments electronically
    up to five days faster and directly to your bank account3

    Cut time
    spent opening mail or reduce lockbox volume

    Lessen challenges
    with posting payments by collecting key payment details

    View real-time reporting
    and payments details from Chase Bill Payments through InstaMed Online

    Interested in delivering a truly omnichannel payment experience?

    Speak with a representative today.

    * InstaMed Trends in Healthcare Payments Eleventh Annual Report: 2020

    ** Aite, U.S. Individual Healthcare Premiums: Time to Transform the Payment Experience, August 2019


    2 InstaMed internal analysis, 2021

    3 Payment details available through InstaMed Online. Existing eCheck pricing will apply to payments delivered through this channel. Accelerated funding is available to eligible InstaMed clients who deposit into a single JPMorgan Chase business checking account. Funding time varies based on type of account.

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