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Health insurer opens billing portal that takes customer payments in a variety of ways, aiming for convenience.

Furthering the trend that billing is the new hotness for insurance companies, United Healthcare announced a new online bill payment capability on its patient portal that allows consumers to pay their medical bills with their debit or credit cards, health savings account, or by directly debiting their bank account.

The myClaims Manager portal was developed with health care payments company Instamed. In addition to facilitating payment with participating members of UHC’s physician network, the portal:

  • allows consumers to check claims for accuracy and resolve any discrepancies;
  • highlights the current status of an individual’s deductible and out-of-pocket spending; and
  • tracks medical expenses for tax reporting.

myClaims Manager also provides explanations of insurance and medical terms and flags claims for follow-up. UHC says the reason for developing the portal is to help consumers understand the full picture of their medical expenses, while facilitating payment in a world where only two-thirds of doctor’s offices take credit cards.

“This tool helps consumers take greater ownership of their health care decisions and treatments, offering a simple and clear way for people to manage all their health-related finances,” said Yasmine Winkler, UnitedHealthcare’s chief marketing & product officer, in a statement. “By enabling consumers to more easily monitor, manage and understand their health care expenses, people can take charge of their health and make more informed decisions regarding their care.”

Click here to read the article originally published by Insurance & Technology.

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