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What is the Financial Services Accreditation Program?
Our Financial Services Accreditation Program (FSAP) ensures that organizations follow HIPAA security rules and support ASC X12N 835 electronic remittance advice transactions. It also requires that organizations meet a range of criteria applicable specifically to financial electronic health networks, including security, privacy and confidentiality, technical performance, business practices, and resources. – Lee Barrett

The EHNAC Financial Services Accreditation Program helps us assure our customers that their data is safe and that we comply with industry standards. – Bill Marvin

What can organizations expect as far as time and effort in the process of applying?
From the time we receive an organization’s Self-Assessment Report, the accreditation process takes about three months. During this time, we evaluate all documentation provided and conduct site visits in order to determine whether or not to award accreditation. – Lee Barrett

We were proactive in initiating and preparing for the application process to make sure we achieved accreditation. We spent about a month thoroughly planning the project, which included resource planning, impact analysis by department, and determining the steps that would be necessary to deliver on the information requests. Then, we spent about two months preparing the required documentation to complete the Self-Assessment Report. In order to achieve this level of accreditation, it is important for organizations to be proactive in preparing for the process and allowing themselves enough time to meet the requirements in a meticulous manner. – Bill Marvin

What can organizations expect as far as being recognized in the industry with this accreditation?
This accreditation sets apart organizations that have committed the time and effort to meet the highest standard of quality in handling protected health information (PHI), and addressing security, privacy and confidentiality of data exchange. By achieving the FSAP accreditation, organizations will not only reduce risks to PHI and operations, but also, be more prepared for third-party audits, such as OCR, and enhance trust for their customers, trading partners and other stakeholders.” – Lee Barrett

Healthcare and payment transactions are the most highly regulated and scrutinized transactions in the U.S. economy. The fact that we are the first organization to achieve EHNAC HNAP and FSAP accreditations is a testament to our commitment to meeting the highest industry standards for security. We hope that this will differentiate us by demonstrating our ability to keep sensitive healthcare and payment data on a single platform to ensure the highest quality of service and efficiency while reducing risk to our users. – Bill Marvin

Lee Barrett is the Executive Director for EHNAC and board member of IGI Global Health, a provider of services to HIEs, EMR, Portals and EDI/Clinical data exchange.  He also has served as a board trustee on the NJ HITEC Regional Extension Center.  Prior to his current roles, Barrett has held leadership positions for several healthcare professional services organizations and software/solutions companies.  He speaks nationally on topics relating to health IT, privacy, security and confidentiality of information exchange.

Bill Marvin has been in the revenue cycle industry since 1993 and is the co-founder and CEO of InstaMed, the leading healthcare payments network.  Prior to InstaMed, he was an executive in Accenture’s Health and Life Sciences practice, focused on payer-to-provider connectivity. Before joining Accenture, he founded CareWide (now a part of AllScripts), a practice management system for provider offices.

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