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Healthcare IT Today shares predictions for the year ahead from industry leaders in healthcare IT, including from Deirdre Ruttle who is the Chief Marketing Officer at InstaMed and Head of Healthcare Payments Marketing at J.P. Morgan. Deirdre sees 2022 as a year where consumer loyalty and choice will continue to shape the landscape of healthcare payments.

Read the full article, 2022 Predictions for Revenue Cycle Management, in Healthcare IT Today. Below is an excerpt from the article.

As we head into 2022, we asked the Healthcare IT Today community to share some predictions for the new year. I always find it interesting to learn what people think is coming down the road.

One of the hottest topics thanks to COVID is associated with revenue to a healthcare organization. Revenues were dramatically impacted at many organizations because of COVID and these new waves are causing challenges as well. Plus, many organizations were already facing revenue challenges as patients have higher deductible plans and patient payments matter a lot more.

The revenue cycle management predictions focus on a number of these areas. Plus, they touch on the really important area of clinical documentation improvement (CDI). They also talk about the move to credit card on file and payment plans for patients.

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