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WASHINGTON D.C. (December 18, 2007) – The George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates (MFA) announces that it has integrated InstaMed Automated Eligibility with its patient accounting systems to support real-time and batch automated eligibility inquiries to InstaMed’s Network. InstaMed currently supports real-time eligibility to over 430 health plans, including all national health plans, blues plans and Medicare plans for all 50 states.

Healthcare providers like the MFA are faced with managing the challenges posed by increasing patient responsibility and a need for accurate information in their administrative environments. Time consuming and costly calls to health plans, claim rejection issues and ballooning health plan and patient receivables require new ways of thinking by industry leaders. Leading healthcare delivery organizations are looking for powerful solutions that can seamlessly integrate with their existing workflow as well as their practice and health information management systems.

“We were no exception.” Stephen Badger, CEO of the MFA stated. “Our patient volumes are steadily increasing, and like every healthcare provider we need to work hard to collect the receivables and needed to acquire new electronic tools to eliminate the manual processes. Standard solutions such as phone calls or using health plan web sites to double key information are not viable solutions in our environment. We required an eligibility and benefit inquiry solution that was integrated to our systems, real-time capable and flexible enough to meet our business requirements.”

With seamless integration into their IDX patient accounting system and support for both real-time and batch transaction processing, the MFA is now able to verify patient eligibility and available benefit structure prior to service delivery, automatically update the patient record, and proactively address any potential eligibility issues across all of their operating units.

Bill Marvin, President of InstaMed stated, “The George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates is one of the nation’s leading healthcare delivery organizations and we are excited to partner with them to address their business challenges. This is an excellent example of InstaMed’s ability to integrate real-time transaction capabilities to deliver a significant business case in a complex healthcare provider environment.”

About The George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates
The George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates (MFA) is a non-profit, 501(c) (3) physician group practice corporation comprising the academic clinical faculty for The George Washington University Medical Center. In its seventh year of existence, the MFA has grown to include over 300 physicians providing medical care in 41 specialty areas. Aside from its expertise in patient care, medical education and scientific research, the MFA is leading the way to modernize the practice of medicine with the adaptation and implementation of technology to improve the patient experience. Visit the MFA on the web at

About InstaMed
InstaMed is a real-time clearinghouse and payment processor for the healthcare industry utilizing the patent pending InstaMed Platform and Network. InstaMed’s mission is to transform the healthcare payment process for healthcare Providers, Payers, Banks and Patients so their payment experience is simple, convenient, reliable and secure. InstaMed currently supports the healthcare payment processing needs of over 400 hospital and clinic locations; practice management vendors and billing services representing over 50,000 providers; and hundreds of healthcare payers of all sizes. InstaMed is registered with Visa and MasterCard as an ISO/MSP/PSP of U.S. Bank. InstaMed is Payment Card Industry Level One certified and fully accredited by the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission. InstaMed is also a member of the C.O.R.E. Initiative (Committee on Operating Rules for Information Exchange) and WEDI (Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange). Visit InstaMed on the web at

GW Medical Faculty Associates Contact:
David Garofalo
[email protected]
(202) 741-3381

InstaMed Contact:
InstaMed Public Relations
[email protected]
(215) 789-3680

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