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Bill Marvin is the President and CEO at InstaMed and a Managing Director and Head of Healthcare Payments at J.P. Morgan. In an interview with Health Evolution, Bill discusses what the company has learned from tracking payment trends for more than a decade. He also highlights how the latest two and a half years have been the strongest to date and his advice for other CEOs.

Read the full article, InstaMed and J.P. Morgan’s Bill Marvin: Leveraging payment advancements can improve patient experience, in Health Evolution. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Bill Marvin co-founded InstaMed in 2004 and in 2019 J.P. Morgan acquired the health care payments company. In the time since, Marvin has continued to serve as InstaMed CEO and taken on the additional role of Managing Director and Head of Healthcare Payments for J.P. Morgan.

Health Evolution interviewed Marvin about how J.P. Morgan’s $12 billion technology investment has helped InstaMed have its best years to date, the health care industry’s enormous opportunity to leverage advancements in payment technologies to improve patient experience, the challenge of patient responsibility and more.

When J.P. Morgan acquired InstaMed in 2019, the deal was widely hailed as among its biggest since the financial crisis. How has J.P. Morgan enabled InstaMed to grow?

The need for digitization in health care has never been more apparent. The pandemic forced the acceleration to digital and contactless experiences in health care like nothing before. InstaMed and J.P. Morgan are bringing the combined power of a fintech and a global bank to clients. We’re helping providers and payers implement consumer digital payment tools, streamline commercial payments and optimize working capital.

The two and half years since the acquisition have been InstaMed’s strongest since the company was founded in 2004. We’re working hand-in-hand with providers and payers across the country to navigate all of the industry and external challenges. J.P. Morgan’s focus on health care and $12 billion investment in technology help us deliver the innovation the industry needs.

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