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The Trends in Healthcare Payments Twelfth Annual Report is discussed in a recent article from Healthcare IT Today. The article features findings from the report that highlight the gap between provider and consumer perceptions of the healthcare payment experience.

Read the full article, Major Gaps Still Exist Between Medical Billing Practices and Patient Preferences, in Healthcare IT Today. Below is an excerpt from the article.

For many years, patients have made it clear that they want their medical bills to be more predictable and more convenient. To be sure, providers have made some progress in that direction, but less than you might think.

In fact, a new survey from InstaMed suggests that there is still a significant disconnect between what consumers want and what healthcare organizations are delivering on the billing front.

For example, 70% of consumer respondents still get their medical bills by mail, which is already an inconvenience in a digital-first world. Worse, 25% of consumers attempting to pay a medical bill ended their transaction because they couldn’t pay using a credit or debit card.

And how about this massive gap in perceptions? Seventy-four percent of millennial consumers said they would switch providers for a better healthcare payments experience, while 39% of providers reported believing that billing and collection efforts have no impact on patient experiences.

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