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Deirdre Ruttle was interviewed for HealthLeaders about the recent Trends in Healthcare Payments Twelfth Annual Report. Deirdre is the Chief Marketing Officer for InstaMed and Head of Healthcare Payments Marketing for J.P. Morgan. In the interview, Deirdre looks back at lessons learned from releasing the report in a pandemic and how the drive towards digital payments is impacting healthcare.

Read the full article, 87% of Consumers Surprised by a Medical Bill in Healthcare Payments Trends, in HealthLeaders. Below is an excerpt from the article.

This year’s Trends in Healthcare Payments Annual Report makes it clear that change is needed for all stakeholders. Findings in the report point to digital-first, personalized experiences as the future of healthcare payments.

This is the third year you’ve released this report in the COVID-19 pandemic. What are some of the lessons learned through those experiences? How did the pandemic skew the data in the report?

The most important lesson we have learned is to trust the data to help tell the story – even in a pandemic. The data has overwhelmingly shown that healthcare has been hit hard by the pandemic’s impacts. This year’s report reflects that constant turmoil.

Amid the pandemic, there was an incredible surge in digital usage. Based on this year’s data, we believe that demand for digital connections will be permanent. Consumers likely won’t accept a return to manual processes and paper payments in any industry, including healthcare.

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