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Jeff Lin, Chief Product Officer at InstaMed, discussed his predictions for the new year with Health IT Answers. Jeff details the impending payments revolution in the healthcare industry. Digital will finally become the norm in healthcare as the pandemic helped to accelerate adoption of innovative and contactless tools.

Read the full article, 2022 Predictions – Final Thoughts, on Health IT Answers. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Healthcare has had a tumultuous past two years. Just what will the next two years look like? Will we still be discussing the pandemic impact? Our industry experts and thought leaders have shared their predictions for 2022 with us over the last few weeks. Here are some final thoughts.

We are on the cusp of a payments revolution in healthcare. As smartphone adoption and internet access become ubiquitous globally, payments are faster and simpler. This revolution will ultimately touch all corners of the global economy, even in the healthcare payments industry, where legacy processes are still prevalent. We can expect to see digital innovations that deliver payments and information faster, already the norm in many industries, become more widely available in healthcare payments. The past two years have clearly demonstrated that the healthcare industry can quickly implement and utilize digital experiences, and healthcare payments are ripe for the digital experience consumers want.

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