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With the launch of Uber Health and news of Lyft teaming up with Allscripts to help to get patients to provider visits, InstaMed CTO and Co-Founder Chris Seib offered his take to Managed Healthcare Executive on the impact of these tech giants partnering with providers to improve the patient experience. Although Seib feels this is a great example of how healthcare is leveraging proven technology to tackle common industry issues, he goes on to discuss how this partnership is just scratching the surface of what patients need in the industry.

Read the full article, Five Things to Know About the Uber and Lyft Provider Partnerships, in Managed Healthcare Executive. Below is an excerpt from the article.

On-demand transportation giants Uber and Lyft are partnering with providers to help get patients to their medical appointments, as well as improve the overall patient experience.

Uber launched Uber Health that will offer a transportation platform for providers to schedule rides for their patients and caregivers who need help getting to and from medical appointments. The rider will not need to have the Uber app or a smartphone. Uber is said to be touting itself as a less-expensive and more reliable option than most non-emergency medical transportation.

Meanwhile, Allscripts is joining forces with Lyft, an on-demand transportation company, to incorporate non-emergency transportation directly into the clinician’s workflow.

“Today, 3.6 million Americans have transportation issues that prevent them from getting to or from a doctor’s appointment, and 25% of lower-income patients have missed or rescheduled appointments due to lack of transportation,” according to Allscripts Vice President of Solutions Management Paul Minton.

It is Lyft’s vision to cut these numbers in half by 2020 and through the Allscripts partnership this can help make it a reality according to Minton. “One of the major reasons patients miss their visits has been contributed to access to reliable transportation so this is one way that we’re addressing social determinants of health,” he says.

Leveraging a Lyft-developed application programming interface and Allscripts open platform, this functionality will be integrated into Allscripts Sunrise EHR, to enable clinicians to order the Lyft service for patients. When patients’ transportation needs are noted in Sunrise EHR, an automated workflow schedules Lyft transportation for that patient. Additionally, tracking boards will provide real-time notifications of patient pickup, estimated time of arrival, and arrival for providers and other members of the care team. integration will provide reliable and easy functionality to schedule transportation for patients to ensure they do not miss critical follow-up care, according to Minton.


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