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Today’s Guest: Chris Seib, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of InstaMed

Chris joined us to discuss healthcare consumerism. Yes, I used both of those words in the same sentence. Statistics show that patients are now responsible for 27% of the cost of healthcare and that is expected to grow to over 50% within 3-5 years. Specifically we discuss the following with Chris:

  1. Healthcare Consumerism: What does the trend mean? How does it apply to InstaMed/payments and the overall healthcare industry?
  2. InstaMed Fifth Annual Trends Report: What are the key findings? How do these tie into the consumerism trend?
  3. Aite/InstaMed Whitepaper: What are the key findings? What do these mean for health plans and the consumers searching for them?
  4. Other Trends in the Industry: What else should we be watching, and how will InstaMed respond to these changes? (EMVs, Apple Pay, etc.)
  5. Upcoming Events/announcements: Does InstaMed have anything in the works? What can we expect to see from the company in the coming months, and can we see you at any upcoming conferences or industry events? (webinar, conferences, partnerships, etc.)

Click here to listen to the interview originally published by IntrepidNow.

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