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Following their attendance at the InstaMed User Conference 2018, RCM Answers gave readers an inside look into the sold-out healthcare payments event. Reporter Annmarie Budniak details how she listened to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak talk about the future of technology, ran into our very own Jeff Lin, SVP Product Management and host of the Payment Matters radio show, and shared her three key takeaways from the event.

Read the full article, My Day at the InstaMed User Conference 2018, in RCM Answers. Below is an excerpt from the article.

On a chilly April morning in Philadelphia, I made my way through orange cones, construction and a lot of extra morning rush hour traffic to the iconic Rittenhouse Square. As the bus ahead of me pulled away and the exhaust cleared there it was glinting in the sun, the Warwick Hotel, the site of the 2018 InstaMed User Conference. I eased my car up to the curb for complimentary valet parking, entered the lobby where I was happily welcomed by a few lovely InstaMed employees and directed to the Mezzanine floor where I would find an exquisitely catered breakfast and a bustle of attendees fueling up for an agenda packed with everything and anything around the topic of healthcare payments.

Keynote Speaker – Steve Wozniak

After indulging in an absolutely delicious breakfast and satisfying cup of coffee, I set off for the ballroom to hear Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (@stevewoz) impart some words of wisdom about life and the future of technology. “Technology should save us from the daily drudge,” Wozniak proclaimed when asked by VP of Marketing, Deirdre Ruttle what he thought about technology’s role in healthcare. Wozniak warned of getting caught up with what we think people want and advised innovators to, “design a product for yourself – that’s the best.” Wozniak went on to say that he always follows what is in his heart, his passion and that is what has led to his success in life. Finally, when asked about big companies like Walmart, Amazon and even Apple looking to enter the healthcare industry Wozniak seemed wary because these corporations aren’t “experts in healthcare.” However, since many have made the move and the writing seems to be on the wall, Wozniak’s hope is that “one good company that cares about people” does it and of course for him that company is Apple.

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