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This patient experience series from RCM Answers features Payment Matters, InstaMed’s announcement with HATCX and the InstaMed Healthcare Payments Summit 2019.

Read the full article, Patient Experience, in RCM Answers. Below is an excerpt from the article.

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, “Patient experience encompasses the range of interactions that patients have with the health care system, including their care from health plans, and from doctors, nurses, and staff in hospitals, physician practices, and other health care facilities.” In this series, we will explore all the ins and outs of the patient experience. InstaMed’s Payment Matters episode with host Jeff Lin leads this series by explaining how Healthcare Administrative Partners (HAP) improved patient engagement and drove online payments and eStatement adoption. Plus, InstaMed’s recent HATCX announcement and InstaMed Healthcare Payments Summit are featured as well.

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