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PHILADELPHIA, PA and NEWPORT BEACH, CA (October 4, 2012) – InstaMed, the leading Healthcare Payments Network, announced today that it is the first company to achieve full accreditations with the Healthcare Network Accreditation Program (HNAP) and the Financial Services Accreditation Program (FSAP) from the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC).

The EHNAC HNAP accreditation recognizes excellence in health data processing and transactions, and indicates that accredited organizations exceed industry-established standards and comply with HIPAA regulations. The EHNAC FSAP accreditation demonstrates that an organization meets a high standard of quality in handling protected health information and follows industry-established criteria for processing payments.

“Healthcare and payment transactions are the most highly regulated and scrutinized transactions in the U.S. economy, and InstaMed supports both transactions on a single platform that was built from the ground up and is 100 percent owned and operated by InstaMed,” said Bill Marvin, President and CEO of InstaMed.  “The ability to scale is crucial in transaction processing, and when it comes to processing a high volume of transactions, keeping sensitive healthcare and payment data on a single platform ensures the highest quality of service and efficiency while reducing risk to our users.  It also enables us to innovate quickly and deliver new, valuable transaction solutions to our partners and users.”

For a complete list of EHNAC-accredited organizations, visit

About InstaMed
InstaMed’s Healthcare Payments Network transforms the business of healthcare by connecting healthcare providers, payers and patients for highly secure and mission critical communications, administrative transactions and payments.  Leveraging a single, integrated network in its private cloud, InstaMed supports healthcare clearinghouse, eligibility, estimation, patient and payer payment and patient billing transactions.  InstaMed’s solutions deliver payment assurance to providers, enable payers to disburse payments at a lower cost with fewer incidents of fraud, and give patients a simple, convenient and secure way to pay.  The InstaMed Network powers healthcare payments for over 200,000 providers nationally with tens of billions of dollars in healthcare payments processed.  Visit InstaMed on the web at

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