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ORLANDO, Fla. – HIMSS 2019 Global Conference & Exhibition Booth #1987 (February 12, 2019) – InstaMed, healthcare’s most trusted payments network, announced today that it has released InstaMed VoIP Protection to deliver providers and payers the only way to create a secure and consumer-centric payment experience via phone while significantly reducing Payment Card Industry (PCI) scope and costs. InstaMed is leveraging integration with Semafone, the global leader in data security and compliance solutions for contact centers, to deliver healthcare’s first fully secure answer to payments made via telephone.

Providers and payers are faced with collecting more from patients and members in the forms of patient responsibility and insurance premiums. Forward-thinking organizations are giving consumers what they want: security and convenience by offering multiple options through omnichannel payments. InstaMed VoIP Protection allows organizations to accept healthcare payments through their call center without card information ever touching their network and without disrupting the consumer experience. As a result, healthcare organizations can deliver great customer service while reducing potential security risks including malicious insider activity, external fraud and the potential cost of a compliance violation.

“InstaMed’s integration with Semafone shows how InstaMed is placing the highest priority on payment data security, privacy and regulatory compliance. With Semafone’s patented payment method using dual tone multi frequency (DTMF) masking technology, InstaMed’s vast network of healthcare providers and payers and their consumers will get an unmatched level of security and privacy every time a payment is taken over the phone,” said Iain Regan, Chief Commercial Officer, Semafone. “We’re proud to help protect organizations across the globe from the rising threat and hefty costs associated with a data breach while keeping them compliant with stringent PCI DSS regulations.”

“Consumers are demanding a better healthcare payments experience. Healthcare organizations have to deliver security and convenience to patients and members,” said Chris Seib, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of InstaMed. “InstaMed VoIP Protection allows organizations to give consumers the option to make healthcare payments over the phone similar to experiences they have paying other household bills. The dramatic reduction in costs and PCI scope combined with the superior consumer experience assure the C-suite that they are meeting the needs of their entire organization.” 

InstaMed VoIP Protection will launch at HIMSS19 in Orlando, FL and demonstrations will be happening at the InstaMed booth #1987.

About InstaMed
InstaMed powers a better healthcare payments experience on one platform that connects consumers, providers and payers for every healthcare payment transaction. InstaMed’s patented, private cloud-based technology securely transforms healthcare payments by driving electronic transactions, moving money and healthcare data seamlessly and improving consumer satisfaction. Everyone benefits from InstaMed’s exclusive focus on healthcare, integration into any healthcare IT system, robust analytics and proven scale.

About Semafone
Semafone provides software to contact centers so they can take personal data securely over the telephone. Semafone’s patented data capture method collects sensitive information such as payment card or bank details and social security numbers directly from the customer’s telephone keypad for processing. This prevents personal data from entering the contact center, which protects against the risk of fraud and the associated reputational damage, ensuring compliance with industry regulations such as PCI DSS.

Semafone has achieved the four-leading security and payment accreditations: ISO 27001:2013, PA-DSS certification for Cardprotect its payment solution, PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider and is a registered Visa Level 1 Merchant Agent. To learn more, visit and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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