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PHILADELPHIA, PA and NEWPORT BEACH, CA (February 7, 2017) – InstaMed, healthcare’s most trusted payments network, announced today that it has released the InstaMed Secure Token to deliver providers and payers the only way to create a seamless and secure online consumer payment experience while dramatically reducing Payment Card Industry (PCI) scope and costs. The InstaMed Secure Token enables integrated online payment functionality within an existing patient or member portal with cardholder data never touching the healthcare organization’s servers. As a result, healthcare organizations reduce their annual PCI compliance efforts up to 90 percent and significantly reduce their audit, hardware and personnel costs.

The InstaMed Secure Token enables provider and payer organizations to deliver a seamless and secure online consumer payment experience within their existing portals. Consumers can make one-time payments and also have full access to their digital wallet for future or recurring payments while using any device. The InstaMed Secure Token can be integrated into any patient and member portal including Epic MyChart as of January 2017.

“InstaMed has the most impressive security and compliance program that I have ever seen,” said Mike Pinch, CISO of University of Rochester Medical Center. “We’ve been able to design a seamless payment experience for patients within our patient portal without cardholder data ever touching our servers. Where the alternative could have been a time-consuming and costly effort for our IT team, InstaMed has enabled us to save six-figures while achieving maximum PCI scope reduction for online payments.”

“The consumer healthcare payment experience needs to be seamless and secure. You can’t have one without the other in today’s consumer-centric world,” said Bill Marvin, President and CEO of InstaMed. “The InstaMed Secure Token addresses the demands of consumers to make healthcare payments like great online payment experiences in other industries. The dramatic reduction in costs and PCI scope combined with the seamless and secure online payment experience assure the C-suite that they are meeting the needs of their consumers.”

About InstaMed
InstaMed is healthcare’s most trusted payments network, connecting providers, payers and consumers on one platform. The InstaMed Network connects over two-thirds of the market and processes tens of billions of dollars in healthcare payments annually. InstaMed reduces the risks, costs and complexities of working with multiple payment vendors by delivering one platform for all forms of payment in healthcare, designed and developed on one code base and supported by one onshore team of experts in healthcare payments. InstaMed enables providers to collect more money from patients and payers while reducing the cost and time to collect. InstaMed allows payers to cut settlement and disbursement costs with electronic payments and facilitate consumerism for their members. Visit InstaMed on the web at

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