Do you want to pay a healthcare bill online? Make a payment now

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to drive contactless, digital interactions across the healthcare industry. In fact, the AHA notes 76 percent of U.S. hospitals connect with patients and consulting practitioners at a distance through the use of video and other technology. Additionally, a recent survey on virtual care reveals that 82.95% of providers have increased the amount of telehealth they are using to treat patients.

However, not all healthcare – at least for now – can be handled through digital experiences. Providers will still have patients coming onsite for care and point-of-service locations with payment terminals will have to be maintained. Even though these transactions are in-person, providers can ensure touch-free payments by leveraging technology like Near Field Communication.

Watch this four-minute video about contactless payments for in-person payment transactions and visit our payment devices page to learn about securely collecting payments.

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