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We now live in a digital world. Life moves not by paper and mail, but through emails and text messages. However, healthcare has been slow to adapt to this ubiquitous trend. This creates a massive disconnect between health plans and their constituents, resulting in high call volume, missing payments, member and employer attrition, revenue loss and more. Above all, health plans cannot achieve scalable growth.

As these trends progressed, Select Health leadership found success in the individual market but also encountered roadblocks to tapping into the full potential of this market segment. To solve this predicament, Select Health started a journey that would ultimately help the health plan to future-proof its outlook for the digital world. As a result, Select Health increased self-service payments, decreased call volume and paper statements, and drove adoption of online tools.

View our webinar with Select Health to learn about the journey into the digital world and more. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Trends influencing the new digital world and evolving member expectations
  • Challenges health plans are now facing and necessary changes to navigate the future of healthcare
  • How the individual market was a catalyst to Select Health to rethink its vendor and member strategy
  • What success looks like when health plans prioritize change through Select Health achievements
  • The missing link in health plan planning and strategy sessions for member engagement


Carsen Chadwick

Operations Manager Sr.

Select Health

Rich Thomas

Vice President

J.P. Morgan Healthcare Payments