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Employers are a key part of the healthcare payer business. This segment has weathered the perfect storm of problems during the pandemic, including the lightning-fast transition to remote work, high costs of absenteeism and now the Great Resignation. This is all while continuing to balance the high healthcare costs for employees. Self-funded health plans from payers may offer much-needed flexibility. Watch this webinar to learn about a new product offering that helps payers win Administrative Services Only (ASO) business with less work.

In the webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Retain and attract employer groups with a competitive offering that exceeds business needs
  • Drive efficiency and trade manual, in-house processes for self-service tools and automated processes
  • Prevent commingling of funds through better funding and disbursement account structures


Rachel Wulf

Head of Product Marketing, InstaMed, a J.P. Morgan company

Andrew Nguyen

Director of Product Marketing, InstaMed, a J.P. Morgan company