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Today’s healthcare leaders are expected to be strategic solution designers and project managers, all while facing budgetary constraints and staffing shortages. In this fireside chat with industry-leading payer executives, you will gain valuable insights on how to navigate disruption and excel in the ever-evolving landscape of health plan administration.

In today’s complex environment, health plan claims administration demands expertise across various domains such as legislation, IT infrastructure, connectivity, data analytics, machine learning/AI, and digital enablement. The role of treasury leaders has evolved to encompass strategic solution design and project management, all while facing budgetary constraints and staffing shortages.

To stay ahead, health plans need to embrace self-disruption and reimagine their operations. But executing transformational change is no easy feat. Should you develop new technologies and procedures internally? Is acquiring talent and intellectual property the quickest path to change? Or is partnering with an established company the safest way forward?

In this fireside chat, our panelists discuss the concept of self-disruption and re-imagining operations to thrive despite mounting challenges. Our panelists include:


May Vang

Vice President of Treasury & Chief Investment Officer

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota

John Willim

Assistant Treasurer


Peggy Mangot

Head of Fintech Partnerships, Commercial Banking

JPMorgan Chase