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The twelfth edition of the Trends in Healthcare Payments Annual Report published by InstaMed, a J.P. Morgan company reveals that the industry is moving toward digital-first, personalized consumer payment experiences. Changes brought on by the pandemic, increased conversations about social determinants of health and demand for price transparency are driving this shift.

The past year shed light on some new and some festering challenges for providers and payers. Providers, who have always struggled with staff shortages and turnover, are trying to manage a nationwide staffing crisis. Payers are navigating changes in their relationships with employer groups while looking for ways to connect with members. These changes affect consumers who tend to direct questions back to providers once again.

What initiatives are providers focused on to deliver personalization to consumers and address unique challenges to their businesses? Watch the webinar to explore the latest healthcare payments trends.


Deirdre Ruttle

Chief Marketing Officer

J.P. Morgan Healthcare Payments

Janelle Wanack

Vice President, Business Development

J.P. Morgan Healthcare Payments

Cheryl Lejbolle

Vice President, Solutions - Patient Engagement

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