Do you want to pay a healthcare bill online? Make a payment now

This year’s Trends in Healthcare Payments Annual Report highlights signs of progress, but full-financial recovery will require a long-term strategy.

While macroeconomic trends like labor shortages and high costs persist, buzzworthy advancements in AI, alternative payment models and a new payments infrastructure are driving the industry to modernize. Concurrently, all-too-frequent cyberattacks, administrative complexities and legacy payment processes act as roadblocks to the much-needed innovation.

As costs continue to grow, consumers are fully embracing the digital world. Digital, cashless payments have become the preference of modern-day consumers. The industry recognizes the need for change as most providers are prioritizing the need for patient-friendly payment channels. Yet despite these efforts, healthcare seemingly has an inability to leave paper behind.

The time for change and innovation in healthcare payments is now. If traditional healthcare organizations don’t act quickly, new entrants are poised to disrupt the status quo and tap into these opportunities to fill gaps felt by consumers.

Tune into our webinar to take a deep dive into current trends and explore the practical innovation necessary for real-world progress.


Matthew Nix

Executive Director, Healthcare Industry Solutions

J.P. Morgan Healthcare Payments

Shannon Sigmund

Executive Director, Healthcare Product Solutions

J.P. Morgan Healthcare Payments

Rajesh (Raj) Shenoy

Executive Director, Payment Advisory

J.P. Morgan Payments