Do you want to pay a healthcare bill online? Make a payment now

Healthcare providers face many challenges when it comes to collecting payments. According to the latest trends, these challenges include rising consumer costs, staff shortages and new legislation around price transparency.  While providers try to keep up with the many trends impacting their organizations, paper continues to slow down their receipt of healthcare payments.

In the past year, little progress was made in how long it takes healthcare providers to be paid or in improving the many resources needed to collect. However, an acceleration toward digital options spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic offers a new momentum to finally transform payments for providers. Read our white paper to learn more about the trends and how paper impacts provider payments:

  • Legacy processes slow down patient payments
  • Paper presents a disconnect between provider processes and patient preferences for payments
  • Providers prefer electronic options for claim payments from payers
  • There is significant savings potential in electronic claim transactions