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For an industry like healthcare, change is not easy. Evolving trends such as breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, new entrants from tech and retail industries, and alternative payment models like value-based care has the potential to create meaningful disruption.

Each hold a promise of modernization in an industry that has been stagnant for far too long. The question of whether these trends can deliver on the potential remains unanswered. Inefficiency, high costs and stakeholder friction dominate many of the conversations and processes in healthcare.  

The need for change is especially felt in the relationships between payers and employers. This dynamic is playing out with self-funded health plans, which are gaining traction to reduce costs and optimize experiences. Any progress made with these plans may be stymied if these transactions still run on bifurcated systems and paper-based processes.

There is a path forward in healthcare when looking at the trends, but only if key stakeholders like payers embrace change. Download this payer-focused white paper for the most-pressing trends facing payers today, including:

  • The push to modernize healthcare from new entrants
  • Are alternative payments models on target to be mainstream?
  • Costly complexity blocks real progress in healthcare
  • The difficult dynamics of the employer and payer relationship