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Jeff Lin
SVP of Product
Payment Matters is a monthly radio show focusing on real issues happening in healthcare payments. Jeff chats with industry experts and thought leaders to bring fresh perspectives on how providers, payers and consumers are all tackling the evolving healthcare payments market. Join the conversation on Twitter with #PaymentMatters.
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A Healthcare Payments Podcast

When I started hosting Payment Matters two years ago, my goal was to highlight interesting and innovative topics in healthcare payments. In two seasons, we’ve covered everything from how AI is changing healthcare to what it takes for a large children’s hospital to go cashless. As we gear up for season three, I wanted to share a few of my favorite episodes from the show so far.   

Don’t forget that you can hear new episodes of Payment Matters weekdays at 12:30 PM, 8:30 PM and 4:30 AM ET, and stream the show anywhere you get your podcasts.  

Episode 1: The Biggest Issues Facing Healthcare Payments With Deirdre Ruttle 

The first-ever episode of Payment Matters featured Deirdre Ruttle, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Communications at InstaMed. Deirdre oversees the Trends in Healthcare Payments Report that InstaMed publishes every year. The report aims to objectively educate the market and promote awareness, change and greater efficiency through quantitative data from the InstaMed Network and qualitative data from healthcare providers, payers and consumers surveyed nationwide. Deirdre and I discussed the biggest issues facing today’s healthcare payments industry as reflected in the report, including the problem with too much paper and the challenge to meet the demands of consumers. 

Episode 6: CEO of Sierra Pacific Orthopedics, Joe Clark 

This episode features Joe Clark, CEO of Sierra Pacific Orthopedics, a comprehensive muscular skeletal practice in Fresno, California. Joe explains how the clinic leveraged technology, staff training and business best practices to automate over eighty percent of patient collections. You can read this case study to learn more about the results they achieved.

Episode 13: Live From the InstaMed Healthcare Payments Summit

For this episode of Payment Matters, I packed up my studio in California and hit the road to record in front of a live audience at the InstaMed Healthcare Payments Summit in Philadelphia. My guest, Dave Stewart of Ingenico, and I discussed topics in payment device security, including the evolution of payment devices over the last few years, the impact the EMV mandate has had on healthcare payments, and what where the future of payment devices is heading.  

Episode 16: Dr. Chris DeRienzo on the Current State of Payments and the Consumer Experience 

In this episode, I was joined by Dr. Chris DeRienzo, Chief Medical Officer of Cardinal Analytx Solutions. Dr. DeRienzo and I discussed the current state of healthcare payments and the consumer experience. Dr. DeRienzo offered great insight into the role of AI and machine learning in improving the way consumers and healthcare professionals engage in the payments experience. 

Episode 20: Kevin Pawl and David Gates of Boston Children’s Hospital 

In this special two-part series, I spoke with Kevin Pawl and David Gates of Boston Children’s Hospital, to learn about the hospital’s “cashless” initiative and the importance of delivering a convenient and frictionless payment experience for families. Kevin and David outline the key steps along the journey, including getting buy-in from internal stakeholders, training staff and successfully rolling out the program.