Do you want to pay a healthcare bill online? Make a payment now

In recent years, consumer behavior has largely shifted in favor of digital payment experiences and these consumer preferences are becoming the norm across industries. The healthcare industry is no different as 75% of consumers want to pay medical bills online1. The convenience of digital channels seems to be driving this consumer trend.

The easier it is for your patients to pay, the more likely you are to collect in a timely manner. This could be why 84% of providers are prioritizing the increase of online, automated and self-service payments2. While patients crave digital payment options, many practices still struggle with adoption of eStatements and digital payment channels.

The key to success is leveraging opportunities throughout the patient journey to steer them toward digital payments.

The 10 best practices in this tip sheet will help your organization:  

  • Assess and adjust your strategy to drive electronic billing and payments
  • Effectively train staff with strategic touchpoints to communicate with patients
  • Lead with a digital-first approach to payments
  • Promote digital and self-service experiences

Download this business tool to learn how your organization can improve adoption of eStatements and digital payment channels.

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2InstaMed Provider Healthcare Payments Survey 2023