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The sensitive nature of healthcare data puts healthcare organizations at high risk for cyberattacks. Given the number of employees within a hospital or health system that have access to this data, every individual is responsible for defending the organization from cyber threats. Ensuring that your employees are well-trained on organization-wide cybersecurity protocols and practices is essential to data protection.

A training routine can help keep your staff aware of threats that may arise as the digital healthcare landscape continues to change. For example, email phishing ransomware schemes are increasingly prominent in healthcare cyberattacks. 70% of all ransomware attacks involved data exfiltration. Such costly and damaging incidents can be prevented and mitigated by educating staff on how to navigate social engineering tactics.

Following best practices helps protect your healthcare organization and builds trust with patients by offering the peace of mind that their information is secure. Share this checklist with your staff to help keep data security top of mind.