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Safe and Contact-Free Patient Payments

The COVID-19 pandmemic’s effects on the healthcare industry will be lasting. Providers need to consider safety and social distancing in all the ways they interact with patients going forward. As a result, use of virtual care is growing across specialties as a safer way to deliver care to patients. The payment experience for virtual visits should be contactless as well.

In this guide, we’ll explore different ways to go contactless for virtual care payments. The guide includes:

  • The Turnkey Self-Service Tool Kit: Encourage patients to pay online with best practices that you can incorporate into your current workflows with minimal operational effort.
  • Marketing and Training Materials: Get the word out to patients about contactless payment options and prepare staff to address patient inquiries with tools and templates.
  • Vendor Integration Options: Find out how to leverage the InstaMed Developer Portal to integrate InstaMed solutions into workflows and deliver a seamless consumer experience.