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What is Healthcare Bill Pay?

Healthcare Bill Pay enables patients to pay their providers from their health plan's website or By enabling patients to pay you from websites where they are already making payments, you will increase payments to your organization.

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How does Healthcare Bill Pay work?

Patients pay you online in one of two ways:

1. Through their health plan's website:

  • Claim(s) are submitted to the patient's health plan and adjudicated
  • The patient’s health plan sends an email to the patient notifying them that they have a claim available to review and the patient can pay from the health plan's website

2. Through a Patient Portal:

  • Patient searches for their provider and makes a payment based on the balance on their paper statement

You get paid faster and easier with direct deposit into your preferred bank account and experience the following benefits:

  • Accelerate patient payment cash flow and decrease days in accounts receivable
  • Collect more patient payments and reduce bad debt
  • Reduce the time and costs incurred for collections
  • Receive automated email notifications when payments are made
  • Automatically post payments to your practice management system
  • Access real-time online Healthcare Bill Pay reports 24 hours a day, seven days a week

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Is Healthcare Bill Pay secure?

InstaMed is a PCI Level One Service Provider, HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified. Learn more about InstaMed security and compliance for healthcare payments.

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How do I register for Healthcare Bill Pay?

Registration is free and easy! Click here to get started.

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Will training be available for Healthcare Bill Pay?

Upon registration, online training materials will be available to assist providers with account set-up.

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Will there be customer support available for Healthcare Bill Pay?

Yes. Registered providers can contact InstaMed Customer Service with any questions.

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Who do I contact for more information?

You can contact InstaMed at [email protected] and reference Healthcare Bill Pay, or call (888) 503-0940.

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I received a Mastercard patient payment in the mail. What is this?

Your patient paid you online through their health plan’s member portal or You may process it the same way you process other credit/debit card patient payments you receive in the mail or over the phone. Watch this quick video tutorial or follow the instructions below:

  • Enter the unique 16-digit number on the prepaid Mastercard into your credit card terminal
  • Enter the payment amount
  • Enter the expiration date and CVC code listed on the card
  • If your terminal requires a zip code, enter 19103

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Is there a cost to accept this payment?

Register for Healthcare Bill Pay and give your patients more payment options. Payments will be directly deposited into your existing bank account for a flat rate of 2.99% for card payments and $0.49 per eCheck.

If you do not register for Healthcare Bill Pay: You may process it the same way you process other credit/debit card patient payments you receive in the mail or over the phone, with NO additional fees from InstaMed.

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My credit card terminal requires a card type. What should I enter?

If your credit card terminal requests a card type, enter Credit.

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Can I use this card for multiple payments due?

This is a one-time use Mastercard payment to be used for the exact amount of the payment in the Patient Payment Summary.

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Does this payment expire?

This payment expires on the last day of the Valid Thru month listed on the card image (e.g., if the card is valid through 12/17, it expires on December 31, 2017). If this payment is not processed by the expiration date, please contact InstaMed at (866) 945-7990.

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What if our practice has a different address for patient payments than what is on these Mastercard payments?

If these payments are being sent to an address that is not where you prefer patient payments be sent, you can contact InstaMed at (866) 945-7990 to have the address changed.

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