Detect and Manage Rejections in Real-Time

Streamline your claims management process and detect and manage rejections in real-time. Reduce time spent on resubmissions and track all of your claim details with robust reporting and detailed analytics. Monitor submitted claims with claim status responses in real-time and batch. Trust InstaMed with all of your clearinghouse and payment transactions. Experience the efficiency of having eligibility, claims, remittance and payments on one platform.

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Leverage the InstaMed Network to connect to all of your payers.
The average time to process paper-based transactions is as long as 30 minutes and cost $3 more than compared to electronic transactions.

Source: 2016 CAQH Index Report

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500,000 total inpatient and outpatient visits a year
Total Value Created = $3,500,000

Billing Service

300,000 billed claims a year
25 Hospital or Office Based Clients
Total Value Created = $900,000

25 Doctor Practice

90,000 patient visits a year
Total Value Created = $400,000

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