Why is healthcare payment security so important?

Protect Payments at Every Touchpoint

PCI-Validated P2PE

P2PE (point-to-point encryption) protects payment card data by encrypting it from the time a card is swiped or keyed until it reaches a secure endpoint (InstaMed) where it is decrypted.

InstaMed customers that collect card payments with InstaMed Healthcare Payments P2PE reduce their PCI compliance programs and leverage the highest levels of security and compliance possible.

Only solutions listed on the PCI SSC website have been audited and approved by the Council as P2PE validated solutions.

On-Demand Webinar: P2PE – What Healthcare Organizations Need to Know.


Tokenization replaces valuable card information with an valueless token, making it unreadable to the applications involved in processing the payment transaction. With tokenization, healthcare organizations can securely store payment information online and use it for automatic payments and payment plans.

The InstaMed Secure Token

The InstaMed Secure Token enables healthcare organizations to deliver a seamless online consumer payment experience while reducing PCI scope up to 90%.


Reduce card-present fraud with EMV that actually works. InstaMed is certified with all major card brands for EMV.

Why are we still talking about EMV two years after the liability shift?


Point-of-Sale (PoS)

Choose from a variety of smart devices that offer the highest level of payment security and advanced payment technology. We support devices with PCI-Validated P2PE, encrypted EMV, contactless payments, Bluetooth and more.

Trust Your Payments With a Partner Who Knows Healthcare

Healthcare payments are all we do. We understand the unique security and compliance needs of healthcare organizations, and we are fast to innovate in order to bring the latest security technology to healthcare.

The first to bring Apple Pay to healthcare.

The first to achieve PCI Validation for P2PE v2.0

EMV-ready and certified with all major card brands

HITRUST CSF certified

Meet Our Security Expert

InstaMed Security Officer Noah Dermer is on a mission to help everyone understand security and compliance for healthcare payments. His blog, Security Corner with Noah Dermer, breaks down complex topics in security and compliance so they are understandable…and maybe even a little fun.

Meet Noah

Questions About Security? Ask Us

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