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Stream Now: Payment Matters With Jeff Lin

InstaMed’s own Jeff Lin has joined HealthcareNOW Radio as the host of their latest show, Payment Matters. With each episode, Jeff and his guests tackle real issues happening in healthcare payments including the new expectations of consumers, the increasing risks associated with security and compliance and what the latest political debate really means for providers, payers, and consumers. Jeff brings a fresh perspective on how providers, payers, and consumers are all tackling the evolving healthcare payments market.

In this episode, Jeff Lin

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InstaMed Featured in Health Management Technology

While value-based care may be the future of the healthcare industry, trends in healthcare payments are missing from this important conversation according to Jeff Lin, our Senior Vice President of Product Management, who recently penned a feature commentary for Health Management Technology on the topic. In the piece, Lin explores how payers can look to trends in healthcare payments to develop the strategies and processes needed to deliver value-based care more broadly throughout the industry.

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InstaMed Featured in Physicians Practice

In the current landscape of high deductible health plans (HDHP) as well as under and uninsured patients, the timely collection of patient balances is a significant challenge for practices struggling to maintain revenues. This topic was the focus of a recent slideshow produced by Physicians Practice for which InstaMed Senior Vice President of Product Management Jeff Lin offered several tips for how practices can improve patient collections.

Read the full article, 9 Tips to Improve Patient Collections, in Physicians Practice.

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InstaMed Featured in Part B News

With the number of uninsured beginning to rise, Part B News published an article on how practices should prepare for more patients who will switch to selfpay and may need financial counseling services. Jeff Lin, Senior Vice President of Product Management spoke with the publication about the importance of helping patients pay their bills as it has always been good business to make payment easier for patients.

Read the full article, Prepare to counsel and collect from more patients as uninsured

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