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Get Paid Faster and Reduce Costs

Open more payment channels, collect funds faster, cut billing costs and deliver a better experience for patients and staff.

  • Enable contactless payments and faster funding options wherever you collect, including the front and back office, over the phone and online
  • Streamline payment posting and reconciliation with access to all your payment data in one location
  • Drive online payments with InstaMed Online for Providers, a cloud-based portal, and reduce the time and costs spent to collect
  • InstaMed integration with athenaPractice supports:

    Real-time queries of athenaPractice patient database

    End-to-end payment processing, including credit cards and eCheck sales and refunds

    A robust reporting platform for omnichannel reporting across your organization

    Point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization

    InstaMed is a combined gateway, processor and sponsor bank integrated with XBridge to streamline payments reporting and reconciling all payments from patients in your athenaPractice.

    Simplify Healthcare Payments for Patients and Staff

    Accept Any Payment Method

    Offer multiple ways to pay, enable payment plans and allow patients to create digital wallets. Streamline your operational processes with automated posting for every payment method.

    Enable Convenient and Secure Online Payments

    Enable your patients to pay online, view their payment history and print receipts with the InstaMed Patient Portal.

    Automate the Collection of Recurring Patient Payment Responsibility

    Offer patients a flexible payment plan option to collect more efficiently and reduce bad debt. Get paid faster with real-time posting directly back to your athenaPractice. Deliver payment notification receipts to staff and patients via email and text.

    Alabama Medical Group Increases Online Payments by 136% With InstaMed

    “We value the relationships with our patients and didn’t want higher balances due to deductibles to get in the way of that. InstaMed helps Alabama Medical Group give patients a simple and convenient payment experience. Plus, the billing department does less but collects more than ever!”

    Kristyn Ford,
    Executive Assistant, 2019

    Reduce PCI Scope and Save on Compliance Costs

    InstaMed is a PCI Level One Service Provider. Protect payments at every touchpoint

  • Ensure protection of card present data with P2PE
  • Accept EMV and contactless EMV payments
  • Safeguard stored payments with tokenization
  • Keep cardholder data off your networks and reduce PCI compliance costs
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