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The major award shows you watch on TV have very little to do with healthcare payments, but that shouldn’t mean great innovators in the healthcare industry should go unrecognized for their achievements. That’s why we’ve decided to acknowledge the following healthcare organizations for going above and beyond in their efforts to attain healthcare payments excellence. We assure you, we haven’t accidentally announced “La La Land” in place of any of the real winners.

The Award for Most Innovative Digital Wallet Offering Goes to…
University of Rochester Medical Center – Right at the start of 2017, University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) decided to take a big step towards better online patient payments. With the InstaMed Secure Token, URMC delivers the best-possible online payment experience that allows patients to seamlessly pay their healthcare bills within URMC’s Epic MyChart patient portal and have full access to their digital wallet for future or recurring payments while using any device.

What’s especially innovative about URMC leveraging the InstaMed Secure Token is that they are able to collect online patient payments more securely than ever. So, even though the online payment experience is totally seamless and embedded within URMC’s Epic MyChart, cardholder data never touches URMC’s servers, reducing their PCI scope by 90%.

“InstaMed has the most impressive security and compliance program that I have ever seen. We’ve been able to design a seamless payment experience for patients within our patient portal without cardholder data ever touching our servers. Where the alternative could have been a time-consuming and costly effort for our IT team, InstaMed has enabled us to save six-figures while achieving maximum PCI scope reduction for online payments.”

– Mike Pinch, CISO at University of Rochester Medical Center

The Award for Best Patient Payment Experience Goes to…
Abilene Diagnostic Clinic – Abilene Diagnostic Clinic (ADC) is revolutionizing the healthcare payments experience for their patient community in Abilene, TX. With the InstaMed One Bill solution, ADC delivers patients a single, consolidated statement across all of their lines of business to make it easier than ever for patients to understand, manage and pay their healthcare bills. With One Bill, ADC’s billing data and processes are now standardized and consolidated across all locations. Now, their patients receive one, easy-to-understand bill with convenient, flexible options to manage bills, including eStatements, online payments and payment plans.

“In addition to the positive feedback we are receiving from patients about One Bill, we are also seeing an increase in payments, including adoption of online payments and even paying off older balances that are now easier to understand. Everyone wins when patients are having a great experience – our patients are happier and our organization is decreasing costs to collect.”

– Andrew Kuba, CFO of Abilene Diagnostic Clinic

The Award for Most Rigorous PCI Compliance Program Goes to…
Dayton Children’s Hospital – Dayton Children’s Hospital proved that they are committed to being on the forefront of payment security in healthcare earlier this year when they announced that they will be the first healthcare organization to leverage InstaMed’s Healthcare Payments P2PE solution, the only PCI-validated P2PE v2.0 solution that was specifically built for healthcare. P2PE (point-to-point encryption) is a methodology for securing credit card data by encrypting it from the time a card is swiped or keyed until it reaches a secure endpoint (InstaMed) where it is decrypted. Only solutions listed on the PCI SSC website have been audited and approved by the PCI Council as P2PE validated solutions. By leveraging InstaMed’s Healthcare Payments P2PE, Dayton Children’s ensures that it is protecting patient and guarantor information with the most advanced and rigorously audited technology in the industry.

“Safety is our top priority at Dayton Children’s. That extends from our front door to the patient room to mom’s or dad’s computer at home. InstaMed’s Healthcare Payments P2PE Validated solution allows us to ensure that our families’ payment information is the safest it can possibly be, while also making the process easy and seamless.”

– Beth Hunkeler, CIO of Dayton Children’s Hospital

The Award for the Most Successful Online Payment Adoption Program Goes to…
Mercy Health System (formerly Rockford Memorial Hospital) – Mercy Health identified a need to increase online payment adoption to improve the patient payment experience and reduce costs. They decided to choose a new payment vendor who could integrate online payment functionality within their existing patient portal to deliver a seamless patient payment experience and improve online payment adoption. After integrating InstaMed patient payments into their Epic MyChart system, Mercy Health System saw a 143% increase in online payment adoption in the first four months.

“Since integrating InstaMed payments in MyChart, we are seeing daily growth in the traffic to MyChart and significant increases in online payments. I believe this success is due to how easy it is for patients to use and how accessible it is from any device, including a smartphone or tablet. Patients have actually told me that they were excited to make online payments in MyChart.”

– Healthcare Application Analyst, Mercy Health System

The Award for Best Use of Automated Patient Payments Goes to…
Cornerstone Pediatrics – Cornerstone Pediatrics wanted to take payment assurance into their own hands by implementing a new billing policy that would require patients to keep a card saved on file for collection of outstanding and future balances. They chose the InstaMed Patient Payments solution to support the billing policy without creating staff overhead or disrupting their current workflow. InstaMed integrated seamlessly with Cornerstone Pediatrics’ Office Practicum software, and the staff began securely storing patient payment information on file and automatically collecting balances.

Today, every patient at Cornerstone Pediatrics has a card saved on file. When a patient has a balance after claim adjudication, the parent (guarantor) receives an email asking them to make a payment within 10 days, or their card will be automatically charged. According to Cornerstone Pediatrics, almost every parent opts to have the card charged, and the practice automates 90% of patient payment collections. This process helps Cornerstone get paid faster and ensure balances are paid in full. Plus, it offers a convenient experience for the parents of their patients. As a result, the staff at Cornerstone has reduced the number of statements they mail each month by 98%, and they spend minimal time and money collecting patient responsibility.

“We try to leverage technology to make care better for our patients, to make life easier for us and to minimize overhead and maximize cash flow.”

– Dr. Robert P. Stephens, Owner of Cornerstone Pediatrics

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