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Deliver a Seamless and Secure Online Consumer Payment Experience and Reduce PCI Scope Up to 90%

The InstaMed Secure Token enables healthcare organizations to deliver a seamless and secure online consumer payment experience within their existing portals with cardholder data never touching their servers. As a result, consumers can make one-time payments and also have full access to their digital wallet for future or recurring payments while using any device. Likewise, healthcare organizations significantly reduce their PCI compliance efforts and ensure that cardholder data is protected.

InstaMed is independently certified as a PCI DSS Level One v3.1 Service Provider and the first in healthcare to achieve PCI Validation for P2PE v2.0. The InstaMed Secure Token is the latest addition to InstaMed’s full suite of payment solutions exclusively for healthcare.

The InstaMed Secure Token can be integrated into any patient and member portal including Epic MyChart as of January 2017. Learn more about InstaMed’s integration with Epic.

“InstaMed has the most impressive security and compliance program that I have ever seen. We’ve been able to design a seamless payment experience for patients within our patient portal without cardholder data ever touching our servers. Where the alternative could have been a time-consuming and costly effort for our IT team, InstaMed has enabled us to save six-figures while achieving maximum PCI scope reduction for online payments.”
Mike Pinch, CISO at University of Rochester Medical Center

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