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Be More Productive With InstaMed

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed healthcare staffing shortages beyond the point of manageability. Having fewer people to do the work that needs to be done makes it harder to deliver quality care and service for your patients. It also puts added stress on the rest of the team and leads to lost revenue.

Address your staffing challenges with technology that reduces manual workloads, boosts productivity and improves the patient experience.

Ready to see how InstaMed can help with your healthcare staffing challenges?

Enable Automated and Self-Service Technologies

Help your team do more with less by removing processes that slow down your business. Enable your administrative staff to process payments faster and reduce costs. InstaMed can help you:

  • Automate payment posting and reconciliation
  • Implement integrated voice response (IVR) for pay-by-phone
  • Simplify patient intake with mobile check-in
  • Drive self-service patient payments

Enhance Patient Engagement to Drive More Payments

The staff shortage you’re experiencing doesn’t have to impact the patient experience. Empower patients to make payments quickly and significantly reduce the time staff spends trying to collect.

  • Expand online and mobile payment options without disrupting staff workflows
  • Drive eStatement and automatic payment enrollment
  • Simplify patient refunds
  • Automate patient communications and receipts

Alabama Medical Group Increases Online Payments by 136% With InstaMed

“InstaMed helps Alabama Medical Group give patients a simple and convenient payment experience. Plus, the billing department does less but collects more than ever!”

Kristyn Ford,
Executive Assistant, 2019

Access Analytics to Do More With the Staff You Have

With robust analytics you can gain visibility into payment performance to make better business decisions. InstaMed makes it easy to get data and reports to help you decide how to reallocate staff and create more efficient processes.

  • Increase visibility into payment and statement data
  • Leverage easy-to-consume progress reports to track business-critical KPIs
  • Track performance metrics across locations, employees and channels
  • Gain clarity into the allocation of resources to track trends and growth

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The need to close gaps in efficiency and productivity are more important than ever, as healthcare organizations across the country face serious staffing shortages. Technology can help to eliminate paper and manual steps to improve efficiencies across the revenue cycle. Read our eBook to learn how to make a big impact to staff workflow and productivity with digital payments, automation and integration.

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Ready to see how InstaMed can help with your healthcare staffing challenges?