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Payer Security Focus: Preventing Ransomware in Healthcare

Ransomware is a type of malicious cyberattack that has grown in notoriety and frequency in recent years. Like kidnapping, ransomware works by taking something valuable to an organization – such as data files – and holding it hostage until a ransom is paid.

Ransomware infiltrates an organization’s system by infecting someone’s computer with a virus, which is likely accomplished by tricking that person into clicking a link or downloading a file in a phishing email. These emails are disguised as a

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How Healthcare Organizations Can Be Protected Against Malware

If a hacker asked you for permission to walk into your healthcare organization and steal all of the sensitive data stored on your systems, you wouldn’t open your doors and let him walk right in. However, the troubling reality is that this is exactly how most security threats enter the private servers of organizations, including healthcare organizations.

Many malwares leverage social engineering to manipulate people into unknowingly granting malicious software access to their data. Similar to the famous tale of the

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