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The Only Thing Worse Than Jet Lag… Stolen Data: What Healthcare Can Learn From the Orbitz Breach

I think I can speak for everyone when I say I can’t wait for spring to finally arrive. After a long, cold winter, April brings hope for warm weather, outdoor activities and for some, planning for an upcoming summer vacation. With just a few clicks, you can search and plan an entire trip on an online travel website and book the dream vacation for you and your family in minutes.

Unfortunately, the new reality with all online data is that it

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8 Tips for Dealing With Malware Threats: 30 Years After the Christmas Tree EXEC

This time of year, my wife and I receive many cards and messages from family and friends wishing us happy holidays. These messages bring a lot of joy and remind us how lucky we are to have so many special people in our lives. Most of these messages come in the mail (they’re really the only important pieces of physical mail I receive these days), but some of my friends send their holiday greetings electronically.

Thirty years ago, the general public

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How Healthcare Organizations Can Be Protected Against Malware

If a hacker asked you for permission to walk into your healthcare organization and steal all of the sensitive data stored on your systems, you wouldn’t open your doors and let him walk right in. However, the troubling reality is that this is exactly how most security threats enter the private servers of organizations, including healthcare organizations.

Many malwares leverage social engineering to manipulate people into unknowingly granting malicious software access to their data. Similar to the famous tale of the

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The Latest Technology Best Practice in Payment Card Security

The Problem

As the rise in healthcare consumerism becomes one of the most influential industry trends, more healthcare providers are accepting payment cards in order to collect more patient payments.  However, the prevalence of data breaches in healthcare – many of which involve patient payment card data – also is increasing.  The financial and reputational cost of a payment card data breach is high and may result in bad publicity and loss of business.  To reduce the risk of a breach,

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