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And the Award Goes to…Healthcare Payments Innovators!

The major award shows you watch on TV have very little to do with healthcare payments, but that shouldn’t mean great innovators in the healthcare industry should go unrecognized for their achievements. That’s why we’ve decided to acknowledge the following healthcare organizations for going above and beyond in their efforts to attain healthcare payments excellence. We assure you, we haven’t accidentally announced “La La Land” in place of any of the real winners.

The Award for Most Innovative Digital Wallet Offering

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5 Things Healthcare Can Learn From Zappos and Starbucks

By Joseph A. Michelli, Ph.D.

Joseph A. Michelli is a New York Times #1 best-selling author and consumer experience expert who looks at the best practices and successes of consumer brands like Starbucks, Zappos and UCLA Health System. He will be sharing his insights and expertise as the keynote speaker for the InstaMed User Conference 2017.

Given the title of this article, you might be wondering if I’m really going to make a case that healthcare can learn from brands like Zappos

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ICYMI: CORE Users Group Conference Recap

Our team descended on San Francisco, CA last week for the CORE Users Group conference, which is a bi-annual gathering of Epic users with a focus on the business of healthcare. While we were there, we discussed the challenges that organizations face when it comes to healthcare payments and their Epic systems. In case you missed it, here is our recap of it!

An important topic was workflow queue management and in particular resource time and productivity. Integrating payment processes within

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The 5 People You’ll Meet at the InstaMed User Conference 2017

The InstaMed User Conference 2017 attracts industry thought-leaders who are passionate about simplifying healthcare payments. When so many providers, payers and partners come together in one place, they bring lots of different perspectives and opinions. Here are five kinds of people you might meet at the InstaMed User Conference 2017.

The Consumer-Centric Payer
With the uncertainty of what a new administration means for the healthcare industry, the Consumer-Centric Payer is sure of one thing: the consumer experience will continue to be key.

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A Look Ahead at Healthcare Payment Innovations in 2017

At InstaMed, we’re proud of the innovations we delivered in 2016 that helped providers and payers collect and manage payments more efficiently and helped improve the consumer experience. At the start of a new year, we want to look at how the challenges facing providers, payers and consumers have changed or evolved, and how we can continue to improve and do more to answer the needs of our customers for simplifying healthcare payments.

Provider and payer organizations are becoming more complex

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Healthcare Payment Profile: Digital Wallet

What is it?

A digital wallet is an electronic device that allows a consumer to store payment information electronically so they can make a payment online.

Most consumers already use this kind of payment functionality on any number of ecommerce sites they frequent, but they might not realize they are managing a digital wallet. More than half of consumers pay for items online using a digital wallet.

Digital wallets make online payments easier by storing a consumer’s payment information and preferences for future

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InstaMed Hosts Event During Epic UGM at Rare Steakhouse

Last week, the InstaMed team hopped a plane to Madison, WI to host a group of Epic users at Rare Steakhouse on the Monday evening of Epic UGM. We were very happy to have the opportunity to talk with our customers and colleagues about the latest trends and hot topics in healthcare payments. With plenty of food and drink fueling the conversation throughout the night, we learned a lot about our guests’ doubts, concerns and demands regarding payment security in

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“Hut! Set! Hike!” — A Healthcare Provider’s Playbook to Consumer-Friendly Payments

September marks the start of a new football season, and with that comes some changes to the way the game is played. This year alone, NFL players and coaches will have to adapt to changes like new rules for extra point kick attempts, harsher penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct and the relocation of the Rams due to changing market demand.

Much like the game of football, the healthcare payments landscape is constantly evolving. Rules, regulations, competition and industry trends like the demands

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Let’s Connect! Where to Find InstaMed for the Rest of 2016

The InstaMed Team has a busy fall schedule ahead of us! We love the chance to meet up with customers and colleagues when we’re on the road. Here’s a list of all the conferences we’ll be attending for the remainder of 2016. Will you be there too? Let’s connect! Contact to meet up with a member of the InstaMed team at any of the following upcoming events.


September 15-17
We’ll be attending the MD AAHAM Annual Institute in Princess Royale OC,

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How to Deliver a Consumer-Friendly Experience to All Stakeholders

The healthcare industry has been focused on understanding and adapting to the new impacts of healthcare consumerism, and for good reason; The Sixth Annual Trends in Healthcare Payments Report identified consumerism as one of the major trends impacting healthcare organizations today. In a separate blog post this month, InstaMed CTO and co-founder, Chris Seib, outlines some of the most critical consumer payment behaviors that affect healthcare providers today.

While healthcare organizations should continue improving the consumer experience, new processes should not

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