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Rethinking Your Approach to Patient Billing

In the latest episode of Payment Matters, Jeff Lin, Vice President of Product Management at InstaMed, is joined by Andrew Kouba, CFO of Abilene Diagnostic Clinic (ADC). ADC is a multispecialty physician group located in Abilene, Texas. Andrew joined the ADC team in May of 2016 and recognized several challenges the organization was facing due to increasing patient payment responsibility and the new role of the consumer in healthcare.

Jeff and Andrew take a closer look at how ADC

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InstaMed Featured in RevCycleIntelligence

In a recent RevCycle Intelligence article, Abilene Diagnostic Clinic’s CFO Andrew Kouba shared his story of how his Texas-based multi-specialty physician group’s move to a consolidated medical billing experience lowered patient accounts receivables from 14 to 2 percent and allowed independent physicians to stay independent by implementing the InstaMed One Bill solution.

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InstaMed Featured in American Journal of Managed Care

In an era when the patient is responsible for more of a hospital’s revenue, operating revenue cycle and patient experience in separate silos doesn’t make sense. In his latest installment for the American Journal of Managed Care, our CTO and Co-Founder Chris Seib offers readers his take as to why the patient experience needs to play a bigger role in a healthcare organization’s payment and billing process.

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