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Rethinking Your Approach to Patient Billing

In the latest episode of Payment Matters, Jeff Lin, Vice President of Product Management at InstaMed, is joined by Andrew Kouba, CFO of Abilene Diagnostic Clinic (ADC). ADC is a multispecialty physician group located in Abilene, Texas. Andrew joined the ADC team in May of 2016 and recognized several challenges the organization was facing due to increasing patient payment responsibility and the new role of the consumer in healthcare.

Jeff and Andrew take a closer look at how ADC

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A Year of Innovation: A Look at InstaMed in 2017

The InstaMed network of consumers, providers and payers inspire us every day to improve and innovate in the healthcare payments space. In 2017, we worked hard to meet and exceed our goals of delivering a more seamless, simple, intuitive and secure payment experience for everyone. Here are some highlights.

Focusing on Consumers

Enhanced Patient Portal Experience
In October, we released updates to our Patient Portal that enhanced the look and feel to make it even easier for patients to view and pay their

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Four Things Healthcare Can Learn From Household Bills

Consumer payments are making up a larger portion of provider revenue. According to Kalorama Foundation, consumer healthcare spending is expected to be $608 billion by 2019. This is a truth that seems to be acknowledged throughout the industry; however, the key point missing from this conversation is just how much these payments impact the bottom line of providers.

For better insight into the relationship between consumer payments and revenue, we can look to two important statistics:

Patient satisfaction ratings fall by an

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And the Award Goes to…Healthcare Payments Innovators!

The major award shows you watch on TV have very little to do with healthcare payments, but that shouldn’t mean great innovators in the healthcare industry should go unrecognized for their achievements. That’s why we’ve decided to acknowledge the following healthcare organizations for going above and beyond in their efforts to attain healthcare payments excellence. We assure you, we haven’t accidentally announced “La La Land” in place of any of the real winners.

The Award for Most Innovative Digital Wallet Offering

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ICYMI: CORE Users Group Conference Recap

Our team descended on San Francisco, CA last week for the CORE Users Group conference, which is a bi-annual gathering of Epic users with a focus on the business of healthcare. While we were there, we discussed the challenges that organizations face when it comes to healthcare payments and their Epic systems. In case you missed it, here is our recap of it!

An important topic was workflow queue management and in particular resource time and productivity. Integrating payment processes within

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