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Guest Blog: Finding Patient Engagement in the Billing and Payments Process

Guest Blogger: Laurie Babin, Chief Revenue and Innovation Officer at BrightSpring Health Services

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I joined InstaMed to be a part of their Patient Engagement Summer Snacks webinar series to talk about the journey and results my organization, BrightSpring Health Services, experienced working with InstaMed.

BrightSpring Health Services is the new name for Kentucky-based ResCare, the parent company of a family of brands and services that provides

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Want to Increase eStatement Adoption? Make This Change to Your Paper Bill

The time for paper to leave the healthcare industry has long since passed. Relying on paper for healthcare payments instead of leveraging less expensive and more efficient electronic alternatives, is costing all industry stakeholders. Seventy-nine percent of consumers still receive a paper medical bill, but only 21 percent of consumers actually want to use checks to make healthcare payments.

Not only are paper bills more expensive, but they are also inefficient. This reliance on an outdated way of billing may be

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Three Reasons Why Patient Engagement Matters

Healthcare consumers today owe more for both medical services and health plan premiums. Though the U.S. spends twice as much per person on average for healthcare compared to other industrialized countries, 75 percent of Americans say that the country does not get good value for what is spent. The healthcare experience for patients can no longer be overlooked. Here are three reasons why engaging patients is necessary to create a better healthcare experience.

1. 72 percent of consumers are confused by

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5 Essentials for Patient Engagement

Patient engagement: it’s something that the healthcare industry consistently talks about as the key to improving the patient experience, but what exactly does it mean? How can providers create an environment that encourages patients to increase the level of interaction and involvement in their care? For providers who want to have a successful 2018, there has to be a way to take the concept of patient engagement and transform it from an elusive buzzword into a tangible, actionable plan for

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