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InstaMed Featured in HFMA’s Revenue Cycle Strategist

As consumers continue to owe more for medical services, a disconnect exists throughout the industry between how providers bill for their services and how consumers expect to make healthcare payments. In this recent HFMA Revenue Cycle Strategist article, InstaMed CTO and Co-Founder Chris Seib outlines four digital principles for patients to understand healthcare payments.

Read the full article, Four Digital Principles Help Patients Understand Financial Responsibility, in HFMA’s Revenue Cycle Strategist. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Instead of taking

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InstaMed Featured in MGMA Insights

In a recent MGMA Insights article, InstaMed CTO and Co-Founder Chris Seib shares how healthcare can no longer afford to resist the digital revolution.

Read the full article, Healthcare can no longer afford to resist the digital revolution, in MGMA Insights. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Providers for their part have made significant investments in digital tools to streamline daily operations and thereby reduce costs related to manual and paper-based processes. Digital tools, such as patient portals and EHRs,

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A Great Patient Payment Experience Is Not That Simple

Improving the patient experience is the forefront of conversation today for healthcare organizations. Some vendors claim to offer the simplest, most user-friendly payment experience, but they are only focusing on one specific area of the process instead of the full end-to-end experience. In order to deliver the best possible patient payment experience, ask yourself, what does a great patient payment experience really look like? Here are four actions we believe are necessary to create a great patient payment experience.

Listen to the

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It’s Time for Mobile Payments in Healthcare – Here’s How to Keep Them Secure

Smartphones are everywhere. We’ve talked about the ubiquity of smartphones on the InstaMed blog before, but you only have to take a quick look around to see that most people spend a lot of time on their phones. In fact, you notice many people using mobile payments to make purchases at retail locations. You also probably manage some monthly bills or make purchases via your mobile device. Personally, I use my phone to order Starbucks and avoid the lines and

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3 Resolutions to Push Payers Into the Digital Age

For years, industry experts have been proclaiming that consumerism will be the wave of the future in healthcare. However, that prediction is now a reality. For payer organizations, “business as usual” will now mean connecting with members on their terms – digitally. But, there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. Instead, payers can look to leaders in other industries who have already set a high bar for digital interactions with consumers. Here are three resolutions to help payers finally enter

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InstaMed Featured in HBMA’s RCM Advisor

Healthcare is expensive in this country, a fact that is compounded by the industry’s heavy reliance on paper. Deirdre Ruttle examines this $300 billion problem and the actionable steps that healthcare stakeholders can take in combating this issue in her latest feature for HBMA’s inaugural issue of RCM Advisor.

Read the full article, How to Go Paperless in Five Simple Steps, in RCM Advisor.

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Your Patients Are Leaving – Innovation Can Make Them Stay and Pay

No one likes rejection; but, providers who can’t deliver the consumer-friendly experiences their patients expect are more likely to see their patient recruitment and retention suffer. According to a recent study from West, 74% of patients put off seeing their providers when they are not completely satisfied with their experience, and 88% of patients said they would switch providers if dissatisfied.

Why are patients dissatisfied with their healthcare experience? A lack of convenience and confidence in the healthcare payments process can

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InstaMed Featured in Healthcare Informatics

In this feature article, Healthcare Informatics explores the four key findings from the InstaMed Trends in Healthcare Payments Seventh Annual Report as consumers are demanding more from healthcare, omnichannel payments are growing, paper is hurting all healthcare stakeholders and payment security is more important than ever.

Read the full article, Consumers Want Online Ease for Healthcare Payments, Report Finds, in Healthcare Informatics.

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Use Reporting to Diagnose Your Collection Strengths and Weaknesses

Patient payment responsibility continues to grow, and providers need to find ways to streamline the collection process. Over the last decade, the amount covered employees must pay before a health plan covers any portion has increased by 79 percent (Kaiser Family Foundation). To collect these payments, providers have turned to new technologies and collection initiatives to improve efficiency and cater to consumer payment preferences.

However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Not all patients have the same needs and preferences, and not

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