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In 2007, we released the definitive white paper to educate providers on the phrase “healthcare payments” and shed light on the coming wave of change brought by increasing payment responsibility for patients. Now, more than ten years later, we have re-released that white paper because the topics are more relevant today than ever before. Keep reading for five highlights from the white paper and then be sure to download it below for the full story.

Re-release: Healthcare Payments White Paper for Providers


  • Payer Payments Versus Patient Collections
    Until recently, provider organizations have focused their revenue cycle efforts on streamlining the processes for payer payments. That made sense when payers made up a large portion of provider revenue. However, the focus now must be on patient collections.
  • Growth of Payment Responsibility
    Why focus on patient collections? When the white paper was first published in 2007, just over 4 million people were enrolled in Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). As of January 2017, 20.2 million people were enrolled in those types of account. HSAs are linked to high deductible health plans (HDHPs), which require consumers to meet a deductible amount before the plan pays for most medical services.
  • Impacts to How Providers Manage Healthcare Payments
    Deductibles have increasingly challenged providers to collect more often from their patients and for higher amounts. Before, providers focused almost exclusively on managing transactions and payments with payers – already not an easy or simple process – but now must also add collecting from patients to their existing complex processes.
  • There Isn’t a Magic Bullet
    Providers have found that “business as usual” for patient collections is no longer an option. Where sending a paper statement was once the best practice, providers are now finding that patients are more likely to pay when they have multiple payment options, especially with online and automated channels.
  • Payment Assurance Framework
    Download the white paper for the essential payment assurance framework, which outlines the necessary steps to streamline the healthcare payments process for provider organizations. Providers who have implemented the framework went on to increase patient collections up to 200%, accelerate patient payments up to 50% and reduce operational costs up to 60%.
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