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By Aly Cunningham, Vice President of Business Development at InstaMed

In the summer of 2015, Bill Marvin and Chris Seib (InstaMed’s co-founders) approached me with their support in starting a women’s affinity group at InstaMed to promote professional development. Since that first conversation, GROW (Growth, Resources, Outreach for Women) has sprouted into a company-wide initiative bringing together the female employees of InstaMed to enable positive workplace relationships, foster thought leadership and informal mentoring, and promote community outreach. We exist to create experiences where growth and purpose come together.

GROW celebrated its one-year anniversary in 2016 – and what a year it was, too! Here are the major events and accomplishments marking our first year on the books.

  • In November of 2015, GROW officially launched with our inaugural networking event and seminar, led by keynote speaker, Nancy Dunleavy. Nancy helped our over 50 InstaMed employees understand the fundamentals of great networking and the many hats we all wear every day.
  • We held our first Lunch and Learn in March 2016 that focused on women in the workplace. Fifty employees came together to discuss the issues facing us every day, spurred on by relevant business articles and personal experiences.
  • GROW was mentioned by Deirdre Ruttle, Vice President of Marketing at InstaMed in a Women Who Get IT profile done for HealthcareITNews. Deirdre is on the committee of GROW and was interviewed by Miriam Paramore, a leading force in the healthcare IT industry.
  • LeeAnn Mallorie, CEO of Leading in Motion, facilitated our second Lunch and Learn for over 40 female employees in July 2016 with the goal of discovering your strengths to grow professionally. Through a job crafting exercise, attendees were able to align key strengths to core values and tasks within their roles – a first step in helping to make jobs more fulfilling and engaging. Some of the feedback we received included:“I’m going to take a different attitude for my tasks and see each one as an opportunity to hone my strengths.”“Using the job crafting map, I realize that I already have the skills and strength necessary to deliver in areas that are a key focus for the company.”“I see that my ability to be an adviser is critical for relationship building and being a leader can inspire confidence in others.”
  • Finally, we held our second annual networking event in October 2016. This event was an opportunity for over 30 InstaMed employees to connect with their fellow colleagues and hear from a female leader – Linsey Bozzelli, a partner at Blank Rome. Linsey discussed how to advance professionally through informal mentorship and self-awareness.

The success of these events is evidence of GROW’s influence and relevance, and the committee looks forward to offering more professional development opportunities in the near future.

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