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Each year, InstaMed employees donate toys to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in the spirit of giving back and hopefully bringing a few moments of happiness to children who are at CHOP during the holiday season. Children’s hospitals and the amazing work they do are the focus of InstaMed’s charitable giving. Plus, 9 out of the top 10 children’s hospitals are on the InstaMed Network.

The InstaMed 10 Days of Giving program uses a list of CHOP approved toys at a variety of price points so all employees can participate. For every toy an employee donates, InstaMed matches it with two additional toys. InstaMed has over 275 employees across the country, with 185 in the Philadelphia office. This year, the team boarded a trolley (with Santa in the driver’s seat) and delivered 1,205 toys to CHOP.

Hundreds of children's gifts donated by InstaMed employees fill up a company conference room decorated for the holidays.
Toys donated by InstaMed employees were organized in the InstaMed Collaboration Center before being delivered to CHOP. 

This is the second annual InstaMed 10 Days of Giving program and it is sponsored by InstaMed’s women’s group, GROW (Growth, Resources and Outreach for Women).

InstaMed employees in front of a Philadelphia trolley for InstaMed's 10 Days of Giving 
GROW members get ready to board the trolley to drop off donated toys at CHOP.
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