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74% of consumers are confused by their medical bills

A poor billing and payments experience can negatively impact a patient’s overall view of a healthcare organization. Now that consumers are asked to spend more for their healthcare, their expectations are higher. Healthcare organizations must deliver a better patient experience.

47% of consumers would switch providers for the ability to easily understand and pay a bill using a preferred payment method.

Consumer satisfaction ratings fall by more than 30% from post-discharge through the billing process.

Man and woman discuss a confusing medical bill that they are viewing on a tablet computer.

What makes a great consumer payment experience?

Deliver an Experience That Fosters Engagement and Drives Payment

Be Where Your Patients Already Are

With InstaMed, you can let patients pay you through the payment channels they already prefer, like an online patient portal, mobile payments and bank bill pay. Make traditional payment channels available and convenient with consumer-friendly point-of-sale devices, IVR and walk-in bill pay. Track all payments in one place with InstaMed Online or integrated into your existing healthcare solution.

Learn more about InstaMed Patient Payments.

Plus, collect from any patient, anywhere. InstaMed Healthcare Bill Payments lets consumers pay any provider at Start collecting payments today without any effort.

Let Patients Pay How They Want

Accept all payment methods, including credit and debit cards, health savings accounts and cards, check, eCheck, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Give patients control over their healthcare bills with a secure digital wallet that lets patients store payment methods and set preferences for automated payments and payment plans.

A Better Patient Bill Is Here

Take a look at the patient statements your organization sends out, then ask yourself these questions:

Do they have a modern, easy-to-understand look and feel?

Are paper statements driving eStatement and online payment adoption?

Are you sending more than one statement to the same patient or guarantor because of disconnected billing systems?

If the answer is “no” to one or more of these questions, let’s connect. Our Patient Billing experts can give you a free statement consultation.

Example of an InstaMed One Bill patient-friendly easy-to-understand consolidated medical billing statement.

Healthcare Bills Don’t Have to Be Confusing

A better patient statement is simple and easy-to-understand. InstaMed’s enhanced patient statements drive electronic payments, reduce costs and improve the patient experience.

Plus, with InstaMed One Bill, you can deliver a simple, consolidated bill that lets patients and guarantors manage and pay healthcare bills for services across an organization and across family members.

Let's Make the Healthcare Payments Experience Better for Everyone

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500,000 total inpatient and outpatient visits a year
Total Value Created = $3,500,000

Billing Service

300,000 billed claims a year
25 Hospital or Office Based Clients
Total Value Created = $900,000

25 Doctor Practice

90,000 patient visits a year
Total Value Created = $400,000

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