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Myth vs Facts: Two Healthcare Payment Trends Debunked

When new technologies and methodologies enter the healthcare
payments industry, they can create quite the buzz. Two that I’ve been hearing a
lot about recently are credit checks in healthcare and contactless payments. But
some of what I’ve been hearing hasn’t been accurate. I decided to take a look
at the facts and debunk two myths circulating in the industry.

Myth: Credit Checks Determine a Patient’s Likelihood to

Due to the rise in patient responsibility, healthcare
organizations are trying to find better ways to collect patient

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Payment Device Questions – What Healthcare Organizations Need to Know

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Payment devices enable you to collect funds at critical touchpoints throughout a patient encounter. When choosing payment devices, healthcare organizations need to consider several factors, especially when it comes to security and convenience.

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about payment devices in healthcare.

How can we ensure our payment devices are secure?

The best way to ensure your payment devices and your network are

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