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Payment Device Questions – What Healthcare Organizations Need to Know

Payment devices enable healthcare organizations to collect patient payments at critical touchpoints throughout a patient encounter, such as check-in, phone calls to the back office or even mobile workstations. When selecting payment devices, healthcare organizations need to consider a lot of factors, especially when it comes to security and convenience. Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about payment devices in healthcare.

How can we ensure our payment devices are secure?

The best way to ensure your payment devices and your

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There Are No CliffsNotes for PoS Payment Device Security in Healthcare

Last month, I wrote about InstaMed’s successful one-year health check for our PCI-Validated P2PE v2.0 solution. Achieving PCI Validation for P2PE is a rigorous process that proves that InstaMed’s products meet the high standards of PCI for encrypted payments. The fact that a solution can meet these standards is impressive and something to be proud of. However, meeting standards – even the highest standards – isn’t always enough. How can we go above and beyond to ensure we are creating the

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